Review Policy

My current review policies:

1. I am open to book review requests at this time.

2. I read many types of fiction, but I particularly like literary fiction, historical fiction, classics, urban fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, fantasy, some Young Adult (paranormal, urban, dystopian).

3. Genres I will not accept are romance, religious, chick lit, erotica, (most) horror. At this time, I am not accepting self-published books.

4. The timeframe for reading and reviewing may vary. Requests should be fulfilled in 3-4 weeks.

5. I cannot guarantee that all reviews will be positive, but I always strive to be fair and give examples of what I did like about the book and what I did not like and why.

6. Formats I will accept: galley, ARC, review copy, hardcover/paperback finished copy. For digital books, I can accept .pdf and .mobi files.  If I am sent an ARC, it will NOT be sold under any circumstance.

7. I post my reviews on my blog and on Goodreads. I also link to my review on Twitter @abookgeek and on my facebook page.

8. With the request please give as much information as possible regarding, genre, synopsis, website, etc.

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